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The 2012 Japan-Ireland Workshop on Intelligence and Networks (JIWIN 2012) will be jointly organized by the European Industry University Research Association (EIURA), the Cloud Computing Research Centre (CloudCORE), the World-Wide-Mind Research Group (w2m) and the Centre for Scientific Computing & Complex Systems Modelling (SCI-SYM) and hosted at Dublin City Uiversity.

Goals of the Workshop

Most social, biological, and technological networks display substantial non-trivial topological features. Not only are they large networks, but the patterns of connection between their elements are neither purely regular nor purely random. Such features include a heavy tail in the degree distribution, a high clustering coefficient, assortativity or disassortativity among vertices, community structure, and hierarchical structure.

For such networks, whether natural (e.g. biological networks) or artificial (communication networks, road traffic), it is therefore particularly interesting to focus on how information flows between their parts, in terms of dynamical and statistical properties.

Whether this flow has to be optimised or controlled, understanding its structure and dynamics is crucial. For many artificial systems, the security of this information flow, or the level of synchronisation between entities, also need to be considered.

Given the complexity of these networks, their analysis is not trivial, and is particularly suited to techniques involving Artificial Intelligence, as well as bio-inspired approaches. The aim of this workshop is to give an overview of current knowledge on computational modelling and analysis of complex networks, and to consider translational aspects between multidisciplinary research areas. Open issues and research challenges will be discussed, so as to provide a vision, and possible solutions, for the future of the field.

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Additional Information

Additional information on the status of the conference will be added shortly. Please check back with this site or contact us for more information.