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Oral Presentations

Full-paper presentations will be allocated 30 minutes (including questions) and short presentations will be allocated 20 minutes (including questions). We recommend that you reserve 5 minutes for questions from the audience at the end of your presentation. Your presentation can be in a power-point or a pdf format. The presentation room will be equipped with a computer and a data projector. At the conference please identify yourself to the chairman of your session 15 min. before the session starts and load the presentation on the computer in the presentation room.

Poster Presentations

Your poster should not exceed the landscape size 1150 x 850 mm. Please note that the posters will be mounted in enclosed cases and therefore cannot exceed the aforementioned size. Posters should be removed by the end of the conference.

Author Kit

PDF file format

All submissions should be in the PDF file format. For MS Windows users, PDF Creator is a free virtual printer for the creation of a PDF file from virtually every program. LaTeX users can create PDF files using pdflatex. A number of virtual printers are available for Linux systems as well. On Linux systems, PDF files can be obtained from PS ones using the command-line tool ps2pdf.

Please follow the IEEE guidelines on the creation of PDF files suitable for the inclusion in IEEEXplore (particularly referring to the section 3.1 of this document). Make sure to embed all the fonts that are used in the document in your camera-ready version.