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The European Industry-University Research Association (EIURA) is a not-for-profit organisation an independent society of members interested in promoting and facilitating collaborative research. See eiura.org for more information.
The Cloud Computing Research Centre is active in research and development projects in key areas of Cloud Computing and has funded positions available for Research Interns and PhD students interested in the area. See CloudCore for more information.
SCI-SYM is a centre of excellence for researchers working in high performance computing (HPC) applied to computational and mathematical models for complex systems in engineering, natural and applied sciences. It has been created in 2007. See SCI-SYM for more information.
The "World-Wide-Mind" project enables the construction of collaborative, multi-author, "society of mind" systems in Artificial Intelligence. It can also be used as a generic platform on which to pose software problems and rank solutions. See W2Mind.org for more information.